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Lacuna Radar is a comprehensive solution to sustainably identify, organise and manage cross-industry trends, technologies and competitor related information within a single platform. We enable our customers to manage their Front-End Innovation activities more meaningfully with the aim to develop and sustain a world class innovation pipeline. Our methodology is reflected in an intuitive technology platform that is combined with an assortment of regularly updated content plans, in order to give any business the innovative advantage.

  • Manage your Front-End Innovation Process more effectively
  • Structure and organise your Trend and Technology Research so it leads to new Innovation Opportunities
  • Systematically connect your Innovation Information to enhance Innovation performance
  • Building a sustainable Innovation Capability to be prepared for future changes in markets and society

Lacuna Radar is a tailored cloud-based solution that serves multi-national customers around the globe and across varying industries.



  • Our Trend Radar provides access to hundreds of global and local Trends and thousands of Inspirations.
  • We provide every client with a tailored Trends, Technology and Inspirations structure.
  • Visualize Trends, Blind Spots, Centers of Gravity and Fields of Action.
  • Interfaces to leading Trend and Technology databases allow you to quickly import existing data sets from various formats.


  • Our international Trends and Technology Scouting Team provides monthly updates – tailored to your industry and individual requirements!
  • Create regional, local, function or market specific Trend and Technology Radars with our unique technology – fast and efficient.
  • Use your own Trend and Tech Scouting functions to add content on a continuous basis.
  • Evaluate Trends and Technologies on a frequent basis to keep your innovation activities in focus.


  • Collect the dots: Tracking of >160 Macro Trends within Economy, Society, Politics & Law, Environment and Technology and more than 3.000 Inspirations.
  • Connect the dots: Connect Trends, Technologies and Inspirations to create Trend Relevance Maps and to identify Opportunity Spaces for sustainable growth.
  • Enrich the dots: Allow your co-workers to add their input to Trends and Technologies and to upload new Inspirations to spur your innovation culture.


  • Facilitate your co-workers and external partners as Trend Scouts – using our mobile Inspirator App on the go!
  • Our browser plugin (Web-Clipper) makes Research much easier and faster: Just clip relevant content to Trends and Technologies and share web content with co-workers any time and anywhere!


  • Responding to external changes by tracking key relevant Trends and scenarios within and outside of your industry.
  • Structured and sustainable approach of creating new innovation opportunities that are aligned with, and informed by your strategic business and goals.
  • Provides meaning and context to your concept creation process. Connecting the dots in a more meaningful way!
  • Reducing the risk of market failure by addressing underserved needs in strategic areas that are relevant to you.

Our offering

Lacuna Radar combines a proven methodology, a collaborative cloud-based technology platform (powered by ITONICS) and a set of tailored trend, market and technology content plans all integrated within a holistic offering.

Methodology & Tools

Industry-proven Methodology

Our approach has been developed over years and has been applied by companies who are leaders in their industries across the globe.

In-company Workshop

Initial Trend and Opportunity Discovery workshops with your teams will enable collaborative and sustainable innovation activities underpinned by our methodology, content and technology platform.

Activation Tools

Our content is supported by a rich tool set of activation material that can be used by your team for internal communication and stakeholder management to achieve greater buy-in.

Relevance and Business Strategy Alignment

Link Trends, Technologies, Drivers of Change to your internal business strategy and initiatives to maintain a consistent innovation focus across the business.



Content Plans

Trend Content Plan

Content Plans are updated on a quarterly basis. We keep track of over 150 Trends through our Annual Trend Map and feature them in depth in the Trend Editorials. We highlight new market opportunities and threats for businesses in any industry.

Market and Technology Content Plans

To provide deeper technology or industry insight we offer fully integrated, connected and targeted content plans in areas such as Packaging Technology or Financial Services.

Cross-connected Inspiration Database

Get access to our comprehensive Inspirations database that maps trends, technologies and business models analogies allowing you to connect the dots more meaningfully.

User-defined Content

Tailored content plans address your specific content needs managed through our internal research and scouting team.

Technology Platform (powered by ITONICS)

Collaborative Trend & Technology Scouting

Identification, selection and mapping of Trends and Technologies across functions and geographies connecting your entire business.

Collaborative Trend & Technology Evaluation

Analysis and in-depth evaluation of Trends and Technologies according to rating criteria that has been defined by you and align with your business strategy.

Explore the world

To keep the creative momentum going, capture the latest inspirations whenever you use the web or your mobile device.

Internal & External Stakeholder Management

Involve and engage teams in Strategy, Innovation, R&D, Marketing, or known external Experts. Our permission system defines the roles for each stakeholder group.

Customised Implementation

Tailor the solution to meet your corporate identity guidelines, reflect your corporate structure and naming conventions to speed up user familiarisation and adoption.

Cloud-based Solution

24×7 managed, private cloud-based solution hosted on a dedicated server ensuring secure, fast and seamless implementation and direct support.

Your Challenges

Lacuna Radar has been developed to solve your specific challenges that will allow your teams and the wider organisation to improve overall Innovation Performance and Return on Investment.

Front-End Innovation Management

How can we repeatedly identify new Innovation Opportunities that are aligned with the most relevant Trends for our business?

We need to understand how Trends, Technologies, Business Models, and Analogies might result in new Products and Services that address our customers’ underserved needs?

Collaborative Trend Management

How can we structure and organise our trend management so we stimulate the right Innovation Culture within the business?

How can we understand the underlying drivers of key Trends by illustrating how other industries are already responding in the market?

Market Intelligence Management

How can we collaborate across functions and geographies to connect information between the Front-End Innovation and Technology Scouting process?

We need to understand what happens within our or adjacent industries to enable innovation discussion across the wider ecosystem?

Technology Intelligence Management

How effective is our Technology Scouting approach? Are the identified Technologies aligned with the wider needs of the Business and articulated Innovation Opportunities?

How can we gain a commonly agreed understanding on which Technologies have the highest impact on the Business?

Lacuna Radar Quarterly

We're proud to invite you to explore the new 2016 trends in the latest edition of Lacuna Radar Quarterly. This focused report sets out to update you on shifts and new pattern formations happening across the environment, society, financial economy, health, transportation, retail, food and drink, marketing and advertising, information technology as well as media and entertainment. Each section contains inspirations to provoke new thoughts and ideas for innovative concepts as well as 3 scenarios that highlight ways in which these trends could disrupt your business within 5 years.

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